About this project

Eurovison, one continent under a groove, but what about the food?

The premise of this project is simple. 25 food bloggers will try to eat the cuisine of all 25 finalists in 25 hours within the confindes of the M25.

Of course the idea of a ‘national cuisine’ is a bit fanciful, with most countries in Europe having regional specialities, so we’ll try and get as near as we can to the area each artist is from, just for extra kudos.  This project was dreamed up by food journalist Andrew Webb who woke up one morning and thought it would be a bit of a wheeze. If you want to get involved email/twitter DM him.

If you want to take part, join our Ning group .

  • This project is a real chance to engage in London Food life, to explore, learn and report. That is essence is the assignment.
  • London is premier world city and is home to peoples from every nation on Earth. Let’s find out about them and what they eat.
  • So research, explore, shop, buy, eat and write. You might find a café, a shop or a restaurant frequented by the citizens of your given country, that’s what we want to hear about.
  • What we absolutely do not want are 25 Euro-themed dinner parties, with a recipe found off the internet and all the shopping done at a standard supermarket. That would be a really missed opportunity.
  • If you decide to cook something at home, try and get the recipe and ingredients from a primary attributable source.
  • Remember that fundamentally most people are proud of their heritage and like to talk about it. Just be polite and ask lots of gentle questions to begin with.
  • And finally… enjoy it.

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