Who’s got what

Eating Eurovision

Well a great evening at BBC Television Centre saw the draw come out as follows:

Helen Graves : Denmark

Andrew Webb: Malta

Eat like a girl : Sweden

Cheese and Biscuits : Finland

tamarind and thyme : Moldova

With knife and folk : Norway & Russia

Dinner Diary : Ukraine & Greece

Tales from the tip : Azerbaijan

Hollow Legs : Lithuania

Ms Marmite Lover : Israel

Around Britain with a Paunch : France & Turkey

Gormet-chick : Bosnia & Herzegovina

Foodrambler : Iceland

Bill : Spain & UK

Nora : Portugal

Sophie : Estonia

Patrick : Romania

Meaning if anyone else fancies joining in, there’s Germany, Albania, Armenia and Croatia still to play for.

UPDATE: Food Urchin : Germany

18 Responses to Who’s got what

  1. Thanks for arranging it all Andrew. Good idea. I’ve written a rather sour post about Israel. http://theenglishcaneat.blogspot.com/2009/05/eurovision-food-contest.html

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  3. Danny says:

    Hi Andrew

    I’ll take Germany if no-one else has.



  4. Niamh says:



  5. Mark says:

    If I wasn’t going to Brighton today, which is clearly well outside the M25, I’d love to do this. Sounds like wicked fun… although only counties left are Albania, Armenia and Croatia…?

  6. eatingeurovision says:

    Yup, Albania, Armenia and Croatia – any takers!? Come on we’ve got to complete the full 25!

    STOP PRESS: My friend who was to do PORTUGAL has had to pull out!

  7. David says:

    Nothing like some food to get you in the Eurovision spirit…

    Currently crowdsourcing some ideas for my personal menu tomorrow night. 25 items of food or drink to be eaten/drunk whilst the relevant song is playing:

    Hoping the wisdom of the crowd improves on last year’s menu:

    Any suggestions greatfully recieved!

  8. canelvr says:

    ah, the brinksmanship of what constitutes ‘late’!!

  9. canelvr says:

    Here’s mine – http://canelvr.wordpress.com/2009/05/16/eating-eurovision-azerbaijani-food-in-london/

    Still adding some pics but the url is final.

  10. […] taken the day off work just in case I’d ended up with one of the more obscure countries from the Eurovision final. I was ready to invest time and energy into coming up with something good, something fresh. I […]

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