Music with dinner…

G.K Chesterton once said “Music with dinner is an insult both to the cook and the violinist.” but then he never broke bread with the six Estonian ladies who make up Urban Symphony.

And with lyrics like “In desert heat only sand, Is blowing like cold icy snow” the famous man of letters would have surely been in the company of like-minded intellectual equals. So shut it G.K and pass the salt.

Jon Jacob (who knows a thing or two about Eurovison) says of their entry, “I can’t see Estonia carrying off the crown – although I wouldn’t necessarily feel as short-changed as I have done in recent years if they did.”

And while were on the subject of the Baltic state and its relation to our great capital, this study found that just the food transported and consumed in London each year outputted the same amount of green house gases as all of Estonia – blimey.

in other news the King and Queen of Spain (home remember to El Bulli, voted best restuarant in the world five times) were in Estonia this month, and so the President there threw a little intimate supper it seems, here’s the menu (thanks to Nami Nami), I wonder if there was music playing while they ate?

Official dinner at Estonia Concert Hall
on May 4, 2009

Tallinn sprats with rye bread, quail’s egg and tomato vinaigrette

Cream of beetroot soup with potato-barley ball and sour cream mousse

Halibut with basil and cauliflower risotto and sparkling wine jus

Warm rhubarb tart with chocolate-covered ice cream and Vana Tallinn liqueur sauce

2 Responses to Music with dinner…

  1. Phin says:

    Errr… Estonia is baltic not balkan…

  2. eatingeurovision says:

    Phin, you are quite right, my mistake. I’ve corrected.

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