The ‘other’ European contest in May

Of course Eurovision isn’t the only pan-continental contest taking place in the month of May. There’s also the champion’s League final between Manchester Utd and Barcalona. Now unlike Blackburn’s Shearer and Sutton circa 94 football and food do not have a history of being a successful partnership . Living in the shadow of Arsenal’s The Emirates as I do I’ve seen the burger vans doing a roaring trade in, well burgers, burgers and more burgers.  In fact when it comes to fuelling your average fan, cheap burgers and plenty of lager are all that are needed, even the traditional footie pie is on the wane; though there were still some edible entries at the recent British Pie Awards. Of course in the world of Corporate hospitality it’s a different kettle of cod provençal, if Marco Pierre White’s menu in Stamford Bridge is anything to go by, but that’s for the prawn sandwich brigade surely. But back to the champions league, cuisine wise it’s the North West of England v Catalonia, and you’ve got to admit that Reds despite a few are going to come out worst in that clash, on the pitch, it’ll be a different story.

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