Times, dates, places. Where to be if you’re taking part.

UPDATE:  See the special Dates, times, places page for a few minor changes. We’re meeting up at a pub first, and the Tuesday get together isn’t happening.

In an ideal world this is how I see things working…

BBC Television Centre - Children in Need

Monday 11th of May: No more entries to take part, we sort out the total participants.

Tuesday 12th: First Semi final. I Suggest we all meet up f2f at a pub in central London, just to say hi and maybe have a drink or two – any suggestions? I’ll also need the full name (and phone no. would be handy) of everyone taking part for the BBC door security.

Wednesday 13th: normality…..

Thursday 14th:
8:30pm sharp. Meet up at White City tube. We all have to get signed in to the BBC Television Centre Staff Bar in one go so please try to be there on time.
9:45pm The second semi final ends and the full 25 finalists are know.
10pm The draw is made for each blogger (or team of bloggers)
11pm Last orders

Friday 15th:
Explore, find out, ask, write and photograph something in the M25 to do with food from your given nationality

Saturday 16th:
Blog about it and get the URL of your post to Andrew by 5pm so I can add it to this site. However, the sooner the better.

Any Questions please use the comment box below… ta


2 Responses to Times, dates, places. Where to be if you’re taking part.

  1. So we pick one European cuisine to eat that night? Is that it? No sweat.

  2. Andrew says:

    not exactly, you draw a country out of a hat… adds an element of surprise!

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