Guidelines to participants

Eurovision Party 2008 - Scoreboard

  • This project is a real chance to engage in London Food life, to explore, learn and report. That is essence is the assignment.
  • London is premier world city and is home to peoples from every nation on Earth. Let’s find out about them and what they eat.
  • So research, explore, shop, buy, eat and write. You might find a café, a shop or a restaurant frequented by the citizens of your given country, that’s what we want to hear about.
  • What we absolutely do not want are 25 Euro-themed dinner parties, with a recipe found off the internet and all the shopping done at a standard supermarket. That would be a really missed opportunity.
  • If you decide to cook something at home, try and get the recipe and ingredients from a primary attributable source.
  • Remember that fundamentally most people are proud of their heritage and like to talk about it. Just be polite and ask lots of gentle questions to begin with.
  • And finally… enjoy it.

One Response to Guidelines to participants

  1. Maybe I could try to incorporate 25 typically European products in my Underground Restaurant menu of the 16th of May+

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